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Waltham Forest Community Hub

Our charity vision 'our borough is a place where every individual and community is valued, supported and can thrive'. 


We are committed to bringing together and leading the community, providing opportunities and resources that value and empower all. The Community Hub is a trusted resource for the local community; a conduit that brings people together. We are open and accessible to more people, especially those who are isolated. The Community Hub is host to a wide range of activities run for the community. People from across the community have the opportunity to share their skills and time through volunteering. More people know about us, get involved, learn new things and develop their potential.


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“Fantastic team providing great resources for the community and beyond! I couldn’t be happier with my experience working with the Community Hub. We used their space as part of an arts festival for Borough of Culture and they went above and beyond to make everything perfect for us. Would highly recommend and I hope to work with them again in future. Thank you!”


“We installed an immersive artwork at the Community Hub for Liberty 2019. It was a fantastic venue with plenty of space for the installation and it is ground level fully accessible. Staff at the hub were incredibly helpful and went above and beyond to help. It helped to make a complex project much simpler to manage. Thank you,Community Hub.”

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