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Young people code of conduct

We welcome anyone and everyone to join us at The Hub, however, please be aware of the following codes of conduct created by our young people! These rules are in place to make a pleasant environment for everyone.

  1. No bullying

  2. No smoking on the premises

  3. No physical contact without consent

  4. No taking photos of people without their permission

  5. No intimidating or threatening behaviour

  6. No stealing

  7. Respect others and their property

  8. No drug use

  9. No shisha or electronic cigerettes

  10. No Vaping

  11. All new young people must complete a registration and consent form

  12. No offensive language i.e. swearing

  13. Listen to others

  14. No chasing during youth club

  15. Don't go into other rooms without permission

  16. Respect others whilst they are playing games

  17. No touching of others property

  18. No discrimination or racism

  19. Treat others fairly

  20. No weapons

  21. No alcohol

  22. No Energy Drinks

  23. No hoods up

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