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what we do

We provide a safe space for young people aged 11 to 19, away from the streets through Youth Clubs, social action, volunteering opportunities and our employability service. Trained Youth Workers supervise weekly generic and structured activities focusing on life skills. Once a year we also take a group of young people on a weekend-long confidence building Residential to experience the outdoors and benefit from vital life skills development. 

We engage local young people through activities and discussions in order to build a good rapport and create trusting relationships between the young people and Youth Workers. 


We offer Youth Club Members the opportunity to decide where they would like to go for their annual day trip.   


We involve local young people by consulting them and seeking their views as contribution towards decision making which affects them. Examples of this is their input in how Vestry Playground should be improved and what activities they want us to consider during Quarterly Planning Sessions.


We enable and support local young people by offering one to one mentoring, which can help them through a challenging transition in their life. The guidance and support can be related to education, employment, training, liaising with parents and carers or outside agencies such as Colleges, Schools, Social Services, the Home Office or Welfare Benefits Services.


We empower our Youth Club members to take more responsibility by helping to fundraise and volunteering in the community. Examples of this includes the volunteer support of Youth Club Members who helped to raise over £300 at the Walthamstow Village Festival on 6th September 2019. Three of our Youth Advisory Board Members undertook a 5K Rough Runner Fundraiser on 7th September 2019 and were successful in raising almost £2,000 for our youth provision.  20 young people volunteered at the Walthamstow Village Festival in 2019 and 16 young people helped out at the Senior Citizen's Christmas Lunch in December 2019.  During the pandemic our young people are involved in adapting our services to reach out to more young people.  


We acknowledge the tremendous support of our Youth Club Members at the End of Year Celebration through nominations and recognition.

Would you like to get involved? Please email for more information.

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