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memories of ve day

Our Seniors’ Club meets every week and some of our members share their memories of the war and VE Day

Doris – Age 14 on VE Day

Doris was evacuated to Pyemore in Bridport. She said when there was an air raid, a man use to ride around the village on a bike blowing a whistle! She returned to Walthamstow when she was 14. Her family had an Anderson shelter and Doris remembers taking the 4 cats and dog into the shelter and her Mum asking if there was room for the family! She remembers VE Day, they were just so glad the war was over. All the neighbours got together, they had the road closed and had a street party.

Daphne – Age 19 on VE Day

Daphne lived in Stoke Newington and left school at 15 to work in a factory making army uniforms. They used to sleep under their sturdy kitchen table during air raids. She was at home and remembers the relief when hearing that the war was over. There was a fabulous street party and all the neighbours joined in and everyone was dancing and very happy.

Norman – Age 20 on VE Day

Norman was an RAF fighter pilot. After his time as RAF aircrew, he trained as a radar/wireless mechanic and remembers being on a training course at Air Force Training Group in Yatesbury, Wiltshire when he heard the news that war in Europe was over. Whilst alcohol was rationed, they still managed a half pint of beer to celebrate in the mess!


Harry – Age 15 on VE Day

Harry lived in Islington in a pub. His Dad was in the Army and his Mum ran the pub during the blitz. He remembers the jubilation on VE Day well, food was rationed and they had mostly cakes and jelly for the street party! They sat around bonfires, in fact he got together with his wife at the street party!

Rose – Age 16 on VE Day

Rose was living in central London, Westminster during the war where her dad was a market stall holder. When she heard that war was over, she was with friends and family and they all jumped for joy. Later that day she went dancing all night long with her friends at a dance hall in Streatham and had a wonderful time. She remembers that one of her sisters went to central London and climbed a lamp post in Trafalgar Square!

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