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Working today for a better tomorrow.

Helping the youth of our generation to become the leaders of the next.

We engaged 300 young people aged 11-19 by offering open access Youth Clubs three evenings a week in two areas of Walthamstow and offering one to one mentoring and volunteering opportunities. We were able to introduce employability support through more formalised social action projects funded by London Youth – followed by Youth Investment Funding from the National Lottery and the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport.


Over 30 young people were inspired to realise their potential and contribute positively to the community they live in, through our support. Volunteering at our events; Dignity Day, St Georges Day, Village Festival, 5K Rough Runner Fundraiser, Theatre Shows and Christmas Lunch, enabled over 60 young people to improve their employability and build self-confidence to achieve social independence. They not only run a successful campaign to raise awareness of homelessness, they also held several stalls at events and supported two local homeless charities.

You can read more about a few of our Youth Club Projects here

A few examples of our youth work...