Volunteer appreciation

Volunteer appreciation


Monwara Ali, Charity Director on Andy Mirror:


Andy has been volunteering in Waltham Forest for many years now, although I have only known him since April 2014. I have found Andy extremely reliable and professional in what he does and I recognised from day one what many people do not realise about Andy. If he supports a cause, his level of commitment will go beyond the call of duty, regardless of whether it is a paid or unpaid job. Andy’s support continues to be an invaluable resource.


Andy on his role as a volunteer:


I enjoy volunteering as it gives me the opportunity to be a part of something meaningful and also gives me the opportunity to touch lives. I am passionate and I work to empower those around me the same as volunteering does for me.


Monwara Ali, Charity Director on Linda Jethwa:


Linda was not interested in volunteering when she first walked into the Asian Centre [Waltham Forest Community Hub], but now she cannot stay away. She has a lot to give but expects no appreciation. I just want her to know that she is very much a part of the organisation and everything she does for the team is fully recognised and appreciated by all.


Linda on her role as a volunteer:


Working with young people fulfils a passion of mine and helps me give back to the community. Thus bridging a gap between young people and the older generation. Engaging, planning and mentoring is the satisfying and exciting aspect of this work.


Monwara Ali, Charity Directoron Roger Blackham:


Roger approached us initially with very little confidence in his abilities, but was extremely keen to develop and learn new skills. His admin support has been extremely valued by all staff. I have no doubt that all his new skills will be valued by employers. I just want to thank Roger for his continuous support, especially when it comes to doing tedious things that nobody else likes to do.


Roger on his role as a volunteer:


I like volunteering because nothing compares to the satisfaction of helping to improve people’s lives, which is what the Asian Centre [Waltham Forest Community Hub] is all about.


Monwara Ali, Charity Director on Courtney Oudit:


Courtney’s support and commitment leading up to the Village Festival last year was really impressive. Although Courtney is a student at University at present, we continue to rely on his giving nature as an Assistant Youth Worker at the Youth Club once a week. Although I have no doubt Courtney will excel at Uni, I am confident that his feet will always be grounded to his community and unconditional giving.


Courtney on his role as a volunteer:


Volunteering at the Asian Centre [Waltham Forest Community Hub] has provided me with a developed insight into how planning is effective in achieving a set goal. It gives me a sense of both understanding and belonging as it has developed both my observational and teamwork skills through working with my peers.


Monwara Ali, Charity Director on Daniel Barry:


Daniel is a member of the Walthamstow Village Resident’s Association who goes beyond the call of duty to support community initiatives. I get the impression that Daniel takes on a lot, but doesn’t realise how much his support is helping to ease the pressure from others. I want to say thank you on behalf of our organisation and the local residents from the Village area who extremely appreciate his commitment towards developing the community.


Daniel on his role as a volunteer:


What makes volunteering really worthwhile for me is that it connects you to the community you live in, makes you feel a real part of it and often makes possible things that would otherwise remain unimagined.


Monwara Ali, Charity Director on Sue Oudit:


Sue is a local resident who just wants to help her community and so offers her time to bring the community together through events. I want Sue to know how much I have relied on her support and we all appreciate all that she continues to give.


Sue on her role as a volunteer:


Volunteering for the Asian Centre [Waltham Forest Community Hub] gives me personal satisfaction in being able to give back to the local community and about making a difference in people’s lives.


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